We may not always act like it,
but we're adults around here.

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Sailor Jerry - Outside the Lines

People who are true to themselves may have scars, enemies and unpaid bills but they don't have regrets.

The people we respect and admire have one thing in common. At some point in their lives, they turned away from the crowd and followed their own path. They ignore what's considered normal and instead live in pursuit of what makes them feel most alive.

Here's to life outside the lines.

Norman Collins

Regarded as the father of the old-school tattoo, Norman Collins spent most of his life outside the lines. He fell in love with the tattoo arts when he was a teenager hopping freight trains across the country and hand-poking tattoos all along the way. At 19, he joined the Navy and eventually settled in Hotel Street, the roughest neighborhood of Honolulu, where he built his rep inking through thousands of soldiers and sailors. Many of Collins' tattoo designs are stunningly beautiful. Some are bawdy and irreverent. While others display the fatalistic bravado of men embarking on an adventure from which they may not return. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was created to sustain his legacy.

The Rum

Sailor Jerry is a straight-up, no nonsense, old-school spiced rum. It goes back to a small mom and pop clothing company based in the art of Norman Sailor Jerry Collins. We eventually came up with the rum, because we wanted to create something as enduring as Collins' legacy. Sailor Jerry is a mix of select rums from the finest Caribbean distilleries blended with spices and flavors. The resulting spirit is bold and smooth, made with the same sense of craft that Collins applied to his own work.

The Ethos

As soon as you push for people to stay inside the lines, there will always be people bold enough, stubborn enough, brave enough to live outside them.

We support all manner of creative individuals. And that's not restricted to musicians and tattoo artists. The creative life is one where you follow what's inside you rather than what's pushed on you from society, your family, the media and all the other things in the world that try to tell us who we're supposed to be and what we're supposed to do.

In our humble opinion, it's a better, more interesting world when everyone pursues whatever the hell they wish to pursue.

Everyone in our TV shoot lives their own life their own way. Check out their stories.

We regularly partner with friends to hold events and various shindigs. Highlights from the past year include the Sailor Jerry House in Austin (featuring King Dude, Dum Dum Girls, Coachwhips and more). Blackout Fest in Chicago. The Shakedown motorcycle show in NY. A backyard BBQ in Berlin. An after party for Chuck Ragan's show in LA. And this is just to name a few.

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